Do you know the #1 topic for mothers?

Do you know the number one topic that comes up again and again, during workshops, face to face conversations, with friends, it’s always the same; it’s friendship and community for moms. It’s all about walking the path together, sharing your journey with other beautiful, strong mothers — women who are there for you, at all times, no matter what life throws at you.

And if you’re anything like me, it ain’t that easy to find your sisters. Particular after children, after emerging from the first couple of month after completely diving into motherhood. I did start getting out and making friends. But it was kind of like in the high school movies – Would the other moms like me? Would I fit in? I mean I wanted friends with similar parenting philosophies and an open mind, but also just people I actually liked and who liked me back.

It turned out, friends like this are hard to find. I mean, there are plenty of moms out there and you meet many of them on different occatiosn. But the mothers I connected to and really liked, the once I wanted to hang out with all the time and go on holidays with, well they were far and between.

Yes, most of us have friends. But how many of your friends would you call at night in a crisis? Who will take care of your kids, as if they were their own, will take them under their wings when you need a breather (or if you desperately need to get to the dentist and your babysitter bailed at the last minute)? Who do you call during a meltdown? Who is by your side when life gets tough? And we all know it gets tough once in a while.

I remember the first couple of month of motherhood. My son, he wasn’t a sleeper, an hour at most – both day and night. He would fuss and cry a lot. Getting out there was tough. But what made the situation lonely and isolating was the response of other mothers. Many mothers were quick advising on a situation they didn’t know much about and at the same time judged me for it. As one mother told me a few years later, she thought that my challenges were my fault until she got her second child. Another high need, fussy baby.

Finding friends who listened and hugged me instead of giving advise were challenging to find. That said, I had one exceptional friend when she saw me the first time after birth she reached out to me saying, “ call me when you need me – day and night. I will never forget these words and what they meant. Having someone to count upon, someone I could tell everything,  also the ugly stuff. It felt so precious.

And during that time, the idea was born to create the Roots & Wings Circle. A group of mothers helping each other to ground ourselves and at the same time, to spread our wings and fly to create a life of our dreams. Building a community of like-minded mothers is crucial; we’re not meant to walk the path of parenting alone. In our tribe, we see and support each other through struggles, job changes, relationship challenges, picky eaters, or different tricky parenting situations. We talk honest and rare about everything that is a topic for you right now, from sex after children, issues with your pelvic floor, your parents in law, child care, and so much more.

And through it all, we hold each other’s backs. We help each other out always ready for a hug when needed.
In the Roots & Wings circle, there is no pretense; there’s no one to impress, just you surrounded by other wonderful mothers.

When we meet you don’t have to dress up (or even shower). Yoga pants with five holes? No problem. We probably know it was a small feat for you to even get dressed today. You can complain about how INSANE your kids sometimes make you feel, and no one will judge you or think you’re a bad parent for it. Still knowing you love them deeply.

Whether the timing is right for you or not, know that I’m rooting for you. I believe in you and I’m here for you.

Join me now – we’re waiting for you in the Roots & Wings Circle! Can’t wait to welcome you!

Hugs, Kisses and Chocolate, Cathleen

PS: The next Roots & Wings Circle starts on June 20th. There are only limited spots available. Get yours now.

P.P.S. Not sure if this is right for you? If you’re a mother and wish sometimes to have someone to confide in, having dreams and don’t know how to make them come true, then you should send me an email and we have a chat, and then you can make the best decision about whether or not this is right for you now.

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