About Me

Do you know the mothers who seem to have it all?

Spend quality time with their children, connect with their spouse, prepare healthy and delicious meals, have a clean home, a great job, take yoga classes, have time for themselves and her friends. Everything just seems perfect, like mothers from advertisements and movies.

That’s me! I tried, and I failed. And that’s okay!

I’m a mother who steps on Lego, dolls, and trains, who gets frustrated sometimes, wish there’s more time, energy and sleep and dream of the day again where I read a book without interruption.

And that’s okay too, I’m a human, and so are you. I realized I don’t have to do it all, and I’m enough. And so are you!

Until my son was born, I was a part of the corporate business world. I worked for over 10 years in different positions like Finance, Sales, Consulting and Business Development. I lived in 4 different countries. Traveled on holidays, wanted to go to the gym, wanted to lose weight, and in overall I felt I was part of the hamster wheel.

My turning point

My final turning point came the day my son was born. The moment I held him the first time in my arms something shifted deep within me.


The following first months together I lived in a fog of crying, sleeplessness and taking care of our loved and precious little child. From this point of exhaustion, having this healthy demanding baby, I started bit by bit to discover my true self and what I wanted from life. That meant finding my voice, standing up for my baby and me and ignoring some well-meant advice’s.

Most of the time now I choose healthy food, living more simply and more naturally. Further, I crafted the schedule that is suiting us by starting my own business, even if it means odd hours. And we are taking time to be outside, explore nature and going with the flow what feels right for us.

My vision is to help other mothers on their journey to a simpler, happier life. That feeling of control, having some time for yourself to keep your sanity and of course creating moments of connection with your children.

I’m just a mom who is passionate about creating a healthy life for my family and me and I’m guessing you are a lot like me.

I stepped out of the hamster wheel of life and so can you! Living a simple, active and joyful life is within your reach and remember you’re enough too.



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