Make an ordinary day special or how to be present

One ordinary day after the other, weeks and months go by. Then once in a while, the moment to hold still and wonder how the time just flew by without our notice. Therefore it’s great once in a while to hold on and make an ordinary day special. It all starts with being present. Have you ever felt that way?…

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How to tune into your female cycle phases?

Being a woman is a gift! There is so much wisdom in each of our cells in our body. Knowing and understanding our female cycle phases can change our lives. But let’s back up a little first. Just so we’re clear, both men and women have a cycle. The male cycle last 24 hours, while the female cycle lasts…

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Why fear is important

Are you a sucker like me for self-help books and enjoys reading inspiring quotes? Want to challenge your fears and feel more courageuos? Then I have something special to share with you today! Did you know that fear can easily disrupt our ambitions and personal growth? We often make excuses to avoid confronting our angst and apprehensions, all to…

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Do you know the #1 topic for mothers?

Do you know the number one topic that comes up again and again, during workshops, face to face conversations, with friends, it’s always the same; it’s friendship and community for moms. It’s all about walking the path together, sharing your journey with other beautiful, strong mothers — women who are there for you, at all times, no matter what…

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How often do you say no during the day?

There is a scene I witnessed recently that I just can’t get out of my head. A small free spirit was tamed that day. Instead of receiving confirmation, trust, and an open mind, it was all about limits, control, and restriction. Not long ago, my son and I went to the playground, and when we arrived, there was another…

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How to do weekly planning so you get everything done Part 2

how to plan your time efficiently

Last week I wrote about how to do weekly planning to get everything done Part 1. Now comes part 2. While planning, these two parts flow into each other. Yet, I only dive into the “actual” planning, wants I’m clear about how I want to feel, where I’m in my cycle and having decided for my priorities. For stage…

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How to do weekly planning so you get everything done

plan your week

I love planning and I’m a real organizing ninja. Yet, I love blank space and seeing what the day brings. I like to be super prepared, having thought of all eventualities. And, equally, I like to be spontaneous.   So I like a plan. I like a destination. I like to look out to the horizon. And be open about…

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When do you spend time with your tribe?

build friendships that last

I was talking to a friend recently on the phone. Honestly, we were whining about that both of our families were down with the flu. So we chatted for comfort and reassurance that this will pass. Somehow we ended up talking about friendship and the importance of community. And there is one thing I always admired in her life….

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