How to do weekly planning so you get everything done Part 2

how to plan your time efficiently

Last week I wrote about how to do weekly planning to get everything done Part 1. Now comes part 2. While planning, these two parts flow into each other. Yet, I only dive into the “actual” planning, wants I’m clear about how I want to feel, where I’m in my cycle and having decided for my priorities.

For stage 2 I use a calendar, and I divided it into three parts, morning, afternoon and evening. In other words worktime, time with my family and evening time is for either myself or with my partner.

  1. I write down all set appointments. Any doctor appointments that already been schedules, meetings, appointments with friends, travel dates.
  2. I write down important dates like birthdays, New Moon or Full Moon.
  3. I write down my top 3 priorities or tasks into the calendar to make sure that they get done. Often I include in this step, writing down a date night we want to have or if my top priority is connection time with my son, I will think of ways I can foster connection and then plan this into the calendar. An example could be a trip to the library, where we look at books together, discover new books and take some home with us. Or a trip into the forest, where we go on a little adventure. Is self care a top priority, I might schedule a massage, or a movie night, or early bedtime night, depending on what I feel would provide me with energy.
  4. Only when I’m sure that my top 3 priorities have enough space in the calendar do I move on and write down all the other tasks that I would like to get done, like going grocery shopping, doing laundry, planning our meals, and so on.

I make sure to ask myself the following 3 questions about every task I’m about to write down:

  1. Does this need to be done?
  2. Does this need to be done by me?
  3. Does this need to be done right now?

I also have a list on the site, where I write down everything I would like to get done, yet if they don’t get done I won’t sweat it if they don’t get done.

The last step is a check in with my partner, we quickly discuss the week ahead and who will deal with what during the next week.

This planning ritual may sound a bit extensive, but once you get going, it doesn’t take much time and will help you stay grounded, focused and clear on what’s coming up during the week.
You get more of the important stuff done and waste way less time and energy on the things that don’t matter.

Talk soon, Cathleen

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