Roots & Wings Circle

The Beta Version of the Roots & Wings Circle is now ready and going live on the 20th of June.
The Roots & Wings Circle is a 3-month community group for mothers that want more calm, peace, guidance, and support.

Have you ever been in a situation, where you couldn’t see the forest for the trees anymore? Desperate to find an answer?
You knew it’s out there, you might already have a faint idea where to look for. Yet, you couldn’t grasp it. The thing is we can’t do it all alone!

Walking the road alone on parenting, career, friendship, health, relationship, money, life is hard and unnecessary.
Particular for mothers who have so many other people rely on them for support, a tribe of beautiful, strong, and wise woman can become the cornerstone of our lives.

There here to dry our tears, hold us when we need it, share our victories and joy, listen to our deepest fears without judging, and are always there for each other. No matter how small or big the challenges are.
You’re not crazy if you feel you can’t manage it on your own. You’re not supposed to do it all alone. We need other women in our lives. But we’ve been living way to alone so far.

Let’s change that!

I hear so many mothers say that parenting is overwhelming, it’s lonely, exhausting, and that feeling that you lose yourself in the midst of it. Ever wondered, “why does no one say anything how hard it is”?
Let’s change all that with the Roots & Wings Circle.
It’s a place of gathering for mothers to connect, be vulnerable together, share their journeys in a private space dedicated to you and other mothers.

We start in June!

What it means

The Roots & Wings Circle is a 3-month community of other beautiful, wise and strong mothers, navigating parenting, life, self-care, and career journeys.
There will be deep conversations, happy hangouts, and guest teachers to connect with other mothers.
Plus, we will have group coaching for the tricky parts of your life.

Roots & Wings Circle Meeting

These meetings are the heart of the Roots & Wings Circle. Twice a month, we meet live for 90 minutes to dive deep into a specified topic, answer your questions, and help each other out on the current tricky situation.

20th and 27th June ; 04th and 18th July; 01st, 15th and 29th August; 12th and 26th September
8 pm

Online Happy Space

A dedicated Facebook Live to connect with each other, and share stories. An open 90 min call with guided questions on the monthly theme or any burning questions you have at that moment.

27th June ; 25th July; 22nd August ; 19th September 8pm

Monthly Book Club

Each month you have the option to read a book alongside others. We share quotes, questions to follow along in our circle. Laugh and cry together. And once a month we meet up for a book club meeting. Even if you haven’t the time to read it, you still can join and share thoughts and ideas on the topic. There will be a book for the monthly theme.

11th July ; 8th August; 5th September
8 pm

Private Community Space

A private Facebook group  for members of the group only. This will be a space for you to connect with other members, post questions, and for ongoing connection.

What are the topics?

Each month has a central theme that we’ll dig deeper into. The book recommendation of the month will be linked to the theme and we’ll challenge each other on the subject of discussion.

June/ Daily Life

Being a mother to small children can be crazy, overwhelming, full of joy – everything, except boring.
Let’s look at how we can make the journey one to remember.

July / Clarity

How do you find the clearing amidst the noise? How do you know what is essential? How do you know what deserves your attention? This month we’ll focus on how to find clarity, with ourselves, with our work, + with each other.

August / Play

The biggest wish for most people is happiness. Well, happiness starts with having some fun.
Let’s check out what sparks you with joy, let’s dance, sing, paint and go for a fancy dinner with friends.
This month we talk about what play means to us and how we can enjoy life a little more.

The Roots & Wings Circle

A divine sisterhood were we set free the power within each of us. Let’s go deep; let’s find the sacred, creative, feminine force that wants to flow free.
Let’s surrender and foster the wise, feminine force within us; let’s talk about the crucial things in our lives. Or we can continue to struggle and fight and rely on our own separate strength. The choice is ours.
Meet new, inspiring mothers and take them on your journey with you, together through these challenging, but so rewarding, years of our lives.
We need other mothers in our lives: not friendly neighbors, challenging relatives, or light connections. We need people who are in the trenches with us, thinking big, tackling the challenges of our generation. Women who are changing what it looks like to be a working woman and what it means to raise children. 
So join the Roots & Wings Circle now.


The price for the 3 month Beta Version of the Roots & Wings circle is 3.000 NOK.
You will get an invoice monthly of 1.000 NOK.
Since the doors of the Roots & Wings Circle open the first time this is a one time only price.
The price will increase the next time we open the doors again.

This price includes everything that is listed on this page. The costs are due before each beginning of the month.


For the Roots & Wings Meetings and the Book Club Meetings we will meet in Molde. The Location will be decided and announced before we start.

An important note: to keep the circle intimate and provide space for each participant, the group will consist of 4 to 12 people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Scroll through the questions below, or email me at if your question isn’t answered down below.

In which language will the Roots & Wings Circle be held?

The main language will be English, all books are recommended in english. Although if you choose to read the book in norwegian that’s more than ok. Also, depending on the participants if the preffered communication is norwegian the meetings can be hold in norwegian.

Do I need to be a parent to join?

No—you can be anywhere on the journey! We are a community for women who are entering into, or thinking about, their paths into parenthood and how to create a life that allows for family, work, and community.

Are you  doing 1:1 work?

Not as part of this program. This is a group coaching program, so if you want answers from me, you’ll need to bring your tricky situations and challenges to our Roots & Wings Circle Meetings or the Facebook Calls. I will also be in the Facebook Group to chime in, help out, and answer questions. If you do want to work with me 1:1, you can sign up for private coaching.